Shootout Spring Classic

Shootout Spring Classic presented by Rockwood Sports Performance is scheduled for February 25th and 26th, 2017. This tournament is the perfect ending for a great season of basketball.

Schedules are now available:

4th Grade Boys

4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Boys

5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys

6th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys - REVISED

7th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys

8th Grade Girls

Attention 8th graders: Get ready to be put through the fitness ringer.

“Training and maintenance has never been more important than it is today,” Hoopfest Executive Director Matt Santangelo says. “Our partnership between Spokane AAU and Rockwood allows us to not only educate, but provide expertise in injury recovery and athletic development.”

Join Spokane AAU and Rockwood Sports Performance for the 8th Grade Ballers Training Night where there will be something available for not just 8th graders, but also their parents and coaches. The professional training serves as a great prelude to the Shootout Spring Classic, which begins the day after.

Tommy B-K, the Rockwood Director of Sports Performance and a former professional and collegiate strength coach, will lead the wide variety of events at Training Night. Those events run the gamut:

·         INJURY CLINIC: Get evaluated and treated on site by a certified physical athletic trainer, orthopedic provider and physical therapist.

·         ATHLETIC CHALLENGE: Test participants’ competitive edge, strength and endurance through sports vision, balance and more — each player will receive a free training session. Prizes are available to participants, one of which being a free month of performance training for the top male and female score.

·         NUTRITION: Nutrition and performance go hand-in-hand. Learn about its effect on performance and recovery. Every athlete will receive a free sports nutrition handbook.

·         COACHES & PARENTS: Rockwood provides a plethora of services for both individual athletes and teams. Tommy B-K will be present to speak with participants!

·         PERFORMANCE TRAINING: To cap off the challenge, Rockwood staff will be available for additional training.

Be sure to reserve a spot here today for anyone who is attending! Space is limited.

Who: 8th graders, coaches and parents
When: Friday, February 24, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Rockwood Sports Performance
122 W. Montgomery Road
Spokane, WA 99207