Who is the Spokane Hoops Elite Basketball League, formerly Spokane AAU?

Thank you for signing up to play in the Spokane Hoops Elite Basketball League (EBL), a Spokane Hoops Association program.  There are lots of excellent youth activities in the Inland Northwest.  Even within the sport of basketball, there are a lot of options.  Further, there are many AAU sanctioned events throughout the area that are not operated by our office.  Spokane Hoops EBL recognizes that teams have participation options and is glad that you have selected our program.

Spokane Hoops Association, a Washington nonprofit corporation and tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and Spokane Regional AAU Club, a like organization, merged in 2002 through the election of a single board of directors. Under the Hoopfest banner, this new organization directs Spokane Hoopfest, Spokane Hoops EBL programs, Ignite Basketball Association and related youth sports activities.

Spokane Hoops EBL operates in the same office as Spokane Hoops Association and is located in downtown Spokane in the Paulsen Center.  We have one staff and a common goal to create basketball experiences that celebrate athleticism, fair play, good sportsmanship, and community involvement.  Regarding Spokane Hoops EBL, our objective and purpose is to develop, to promote and to regulate amateur athletics under the rules of the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

Communication, Conduct, and Sportsmanship:

“Respect, Dignity and Integrity haven’t gone out of style.” -  Michael Jordan

Sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play are the values Spokane Hoops EBL embraces.  These are also the values that coaches, athletes, and parents must foster through positive and responsible behavior.  The program provides young athletes the opportunity to develop decision-making skills, discipline, sportsmanship and team work as well as promote self- esteem and better health in a fun and competitive environment.           

Coaches and fans are required to encourage the athletes to achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game to reinforce that sportsmanship needs to be displayed towards all opponents, and to respect the integrity and judgment of the officials.   

Spokane Hoops EBL must promote a safe and non-threatening environment for all participating in the program and therefore must necessarily publish rules restricting communication and conduct between coaches, players and spectators and referees, officials or other supervisory and administrative personnel that are involved in management of the organization’s sanctioned activities.  Spokane Hoops EBL has developed a procedure to oversee and monitor its coaches, players and spectators as it relates to their conduct and communication with referees, officials or other supervisory or administrative personnel and to determine the appropriate penalties for poor conduct and for communications it deems inappropriate and to enforce these consequences.

There shall be no pre-game, game-time or post-game interactions or communications between coaches, players and spectators themselves or with any referee, official or other supervisory or administrative personnel that is threatening, confrontational, involves profane language or other conduct or communications that are derogatory, abusive or otherwise inappropriate.  Any violation of this policy may lead to the ejection of the offending party(s).

Spokane Hoops EBL has adopted the following disciplinary policy:

1.  If a coach or spectator is ejected from a game, that person must leave the game and the facility.  If a player is ejected from a game, that person must leave the bench but may remain in the facility until the end of the game. A first time ejection will result in an automatic suspension from the next game day Saturday.

2. If a coach, player or spectator is ejected a second time in any one season, or an incident occurs that is deemed to be inappropriate at any Spokane Hoops EBL sanctioned event between coaches, players, and spectators between themselves or with a referee, AAU official or other supervisory or administrative personnel, a written internal report will be compiled detailing the incident and will be remitted to the Spokane Hoops EBL office by the end of business the Monday after the incident.

3.  The Spokane Hoops EBL disciplinary committee shall begin a process of investigating an  incident by contacting the head coach of that team, either by a phone call or email, no later than Tuesday of the week following the incident, and offering them an opportunity to respond, in writing, regarding the incident. The written statements are provided for use by the disciplinary committee and will not be given to anyone outside of Spokane Hoops EBL. Impacted parties will have until 5:00 p.m. Wednesday of that same week to respond.

4. The disciplinary committee shall review the received written responses and shall make a decision determining whether any form of discipline is appropriate.  In most cases, the offending parties shall be notified of the decision no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday following the incident.  In those cases, should suspensions be issued, they would take effect beginning with the next scheduled games, likely to be on the Saturday immediately following the Thursday notification.  In the unlikely event the disciplinary committee does not make a decision by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday following any said incident the required disciplinary action will be postponed until a decision is reached.  

5. At the discretion of the disciplinary committee, discipline may include a single game, multiple game, or long-term suspension and may affect a team’s coaches, players and fans. The decision of the disciplinary committee shall be final.  By virtue of participating in this program, each team agrees to abide by the decision(s) of the disciplinary committee.

It is also very important that matters relating to the conduct of referees, officials and other administrative or supervisory personnel be reported to the Spokane Hoops EBL office.  These issues will be addressed internally and with the utmost confidentiality.  Improving the caliber of game officials and supervisory personnel will help make the program stronger.

Good Sportsmanship First supports the best values of the game.  The competition of the game will become more exciting and fun for the young athletes when there is a generosity of spirit, a genuine concern for others, whether it is for their own teammates or for their opponents.

“Ambition is okay as long as you can control it.  When it starts to control you, you’ve got problems.”  - Red Auerbach, former coach of the Boston Celtics


It is a privilege to be able to use the gyms in the facilities throughout our community.  Therefore it is our obligation to abide by the policies set forth by the facilities we use.  It is also each coach’s responsibility to be the messenger to his/her players and spectators that the regulations must be observed.  Each parent must supervise his or her own children at all times.  Remain in designated areas only.  Don’t run in the building.  No balls will be allowed in the facilities that means, gyms, entryways, hallways, etc. – only the coach may bring in basketballs in a ball bag and they may not be used until the team steps onto the court to warm-up!  No food in the gyms.  Water is the only beverage that will be allowed in the gyms.  Coaches will instruct their players to pick up all bottles or other garbage (with a special emphasis on the bench area) and place it in the garbabe cans that are available in the facility.  Spectators need to pick up after themselves as well.

            No Tobacco!  No Alcohol!  No Drugs!  No Pets!


Only the two teams scheduled to play on that court may occupy the court at any time (during warm-ups, at half-time, during timeouts, or in-between games).  Absolutely no one other than the players and coaches from those two teams scheduled to play at that designated time may utilize the court.

Due to the strict new regulations concerning mandatory concussion training in the state of Washington, pursuant to the ‘Lysted Law’ (HB1824), and due to the restrictions set forth by the liability insurance we provide for our league and tournaments – no one is allowed on the gym floor other than the players of the teams involved in a game.  Others will be asked to step off the court.

Furthermore, pursuant to Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness (SB5083) legislation, we are requiring the coaches immediately realize the urgency of calling 911 and following the designated instructions as set forth in the training course.  We request that everyone remain in the bleachers and leave entrances and walkways clear for medical personnel. Every second counts.

Observe the start and finish times of the games.  Move in and out in a timely fashion.


Membership into the Spokane Hoops EBL will be granted to any team upon payment of the League Season registration fee, as long as each team does not exceed the maximum team number set for that grade level and meets all mandatory deadline requirements and fees. 

Fees are non-refundable – except when there are not enough teams to form a league for a specific grade level or when there are too many teams in a specific grade level exceeding the space available

Membership is required before team members and coaches are eligible to participate in practice, league or tournament play, therefore all players and coaches must possess a current AAU card to participate in AAU sanctioned events.  All coaching personnel are subject to background checks.


Any team wishing to join will be eligible regardless of color, creed or ethnic origin and all provisions will apply to every team equally.  Each team must provide for each of its players the following:

1.       Athlete’s Pledge of Sportsmanship

2.       Parent’s Pledge of Sportsmanship

3.       Liability Release for Spokane Regional AAU Basketball

4.       Current AAU card - No player will be allowed to practice or play in a league or tournament game or in any AAU licensed event without a valid AAU card.  The current AAU card is effective from September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019.

5.       Signed athlete/parent-guardian concussion form.

6.       The coaching staff of each team must clear a background check before he or she will be granted permission to coach a team.

Grade Level:

Teams will be registered strictly on the basis of the grade in school for the current school year and school names will be listed on the team roster form.  Any question regarding grade level will be verified with the school listed.  Any player that is in a lower grade level may play up.  However, no grade level player may play lower than his/her academic standing.  Spokane Hoops EBL will hold that a player is in the same grade athletically as he or she is academically.  (Teams may encounter some age based events, however not any sponsored through this program - this is a grade level based program.)

Individual Teams:

Teams that participate in the Spokane Hoops EBL are separate from the organization.  The coaches, players and parents representing the team are responsible for their own fees, practice gyms, practice times, player playing time and other responsibilities of the individual team.  The organization provides that team with the service of league play and will not be responsible for individual team organization or finances.  The team coach is responsible for notification to the league office for changes in coaching, team contacts, mailing addresses, or anything else that pertains to the team.


Each team is responsible for its own uniforms.  Uniform types may be either a reversible jersey or two separate jerseys.  Regardless of type, there must be one white (home team) and one dark colored (visitor team) jersey available for each game.  Numbers must be on both the front of the jersey (minimum 4” tall) as well as the back of the jersey (minimum 6” tall), and must be centered vertically as well as horizontally.  The numerals 6, 7, 8 and 9 are illegal and cannot be used alone or in any combination.  The officials must be able to signal the jersey number with one hand.  The following series of numbers can be used:  0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45 and 50-55. 

Uniforms must be worn properly - shirttails must be tucked in, unless the jersey is manufactured to be worn outside.  If a player chooses to wear a T-shirt under his/her jersey, it must match the dominant color of the jersey, if it does not the player will be asked to remove the T-shirt and may be assessed a technical foul if it is a recurring situation. 

The home team shall wear a white colored jersey and the visitor team shall wear the darker colored jersey.  The home team is always listed second on the schedule. 

Please note:  Arm sleeves, knee sleeves, lower leg sleeves and tights are permissible.  However, anything worn on the arm and/or the leg is a sleeve, and shall meet the color restrictions.  The sleeves/tights shall be black, white, beige or the predominant color of the uniform, and if more than one player on a team is wearing sleeves/tights, they shall all be the same color.

Player Equipment:

Players will not be allowed to wear jewelry that includes earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair beads, clips and bands that are not made of fabric. 

Braces, guards, or casts made of leather, plaster, pliable (soft) plastic, metal or any hard surface – even though covered with cloth or padding – may NOT be worn on the finger, hand, wrist or elbow.

If properly padded, hard substances may be worn on the upper shoulder.

Exposed hinges must be covered on knee and ankle braces, if it poses a threat to others.


All head coaches, assistant coaches, and team contacts (if the team contact will have any contact with the players) must complete background checks prior to the beginning of the league season.  Coaches will be notified if their status is in question. 

·         An AAU coach may act as a head coach or as assistant coach on two (2) teams!

·         It is mandatory that each team must have a head coach and must have one (1) assistant coach. Each team may have a second assistant coach. The names of these individuals and the required paperwork must be submitted to the AAU office no later than the registration deadline date, in order for them to be eligible to assist at practices and to sit on the bench during the 2017-2018 basketball league and tournament season sponsored by Spokane Hoops EBL.

·         Subsequently, if a change is necessary to a team’s coaching staff, the head coach may submit his or her request.  The office will consider the change on a case-by-case basis.  The approval may take up to 2 weeks - with the new AAU Card ruling. No last minute changes can occur - make sure that at least one of your coaching staff will be available for your team’s games - to avoid a game forfeit.

The head coach must be twenty-one years of age or older. The office must be notified if the head coach is less than twenty-one years old, and if approved, an assistant coach at least twenty-one years old must be sitting with him/her on the bench at games and participate in all practices. 

Each rostered coach and assistant coach sitting on the bench, at any game or at any practice, must have a background check clearance, must be compliant with a signed concussion form on file, must have a valid AAU coach’s card with a number posted (pending AAU Cards will not be accepted, and must be listed on the team roster on file in the AAU office.

Only the team’s head coach and two assistant coaches may sit on the bench at both league and tournament games. Only rostered players, from each of the two teams scheduled to play at the time may sit on the bench.  Everyone else must sit with the spectators

Coaches’ Meeting:

It is mandatory for both the head coach and the assistant coaches to attend this meeting.  We are serious about 100 percent attendance. Therefore, we are requiring ALL coaches, whether they are an assistant coach or the head coach, to attend the Coaches Meeting. If you cannot attend, you cannot coach. We are also changing our make-up meeting to have it include a presentation, a video and a rules test. The following are the meeting dates:

  • Annual Coaches Meeting: November 1, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at West Valley High School
  • Make-up meeting: To be determined

Please note only the head coach will be able to pick up the team packet and picture identification will be required.

Bench Decorum:

The home team (always listed second on the schedule) will sit to the right of the scorer’s table as you face the court and the visitor team will sit to the left of the scorer’s table as you face the court.

Unsportsmanlike behavior is unacceptable.  Coaches and players (this also includes each team’s spectators) must display a courteous and respectful demeanor at all times towards the opposing team, the game officials and administrative personnel. Any stomping, booing, negative comments, etc. will be considered unsportsmanlike and it could result in the stopping of the game until it stops.  And it must stop in order for the game to continue.

The coach is responsible for having his or her team clean the bench area once their game has ended.  Also, once the game is over teams must move off of the court in a timely fashion, so the teams waiting to play in the next game can warm-up.

However, the teams waiting to move onto the court for the next game should wait until the previous game’s teams move out.  It is just common courtesy and another way to display good sportsmanship.

Spectators - cannot storm the court before, during or after a game.  In addition, during the game spectators cannot stand at courtside trying to coach or intimidate officials or players on the court.  As a result, the game will be stopped and the coach will be asked to take care of the situation, before the game will start again.  It could result in a forfeit.

Team Mascot and Banners:

Mascots and/or banners will not be allowed at league or tournament games.  These objects can be a distraction and may interrupt the flow of a game.  We can appreciate the fact that spectators (fans) want to display their support for their team.  This can be achieved through applause and positive cheering.  While supporting the team of your choice, always remember to be a good sport towards the opposing team.

Non-Spokane Hoops EBL Participants:

Any group/team of players not belonging to the Spokane Hoops EBL, wishing to participate in the tournaments sponsored annually through Spokane Hoops EBL, must have current AAU cards, complete the necessary entry forms and pay the required fees.  These teams are subject to the policies and sportsmanship codes set forth by Spokane Hoops EBL a Spokane Hoops Program.  A code of conduct will be enforced.

Team Rosters:

The Team Rosters shall not be co-ed, must have at least 5 players, and shall not exceed 12 players. The Spokane Hoops EBL policy is that each team is required to complete a Team Roster listing each player’s name, AAU Card number, jersey number, date of birth, height, grade level, school, and parent/guardian signature acknowledging that the information is correct and that this is the team that his or her child is rostered on for the upcoming league season.  A signed Concussion Waiver, accompanied by signed concussion forms from each team coach and parent/athlete, is mandatory by the state of Washington. In the state of Washington, Sudden Cardiac Arrest training is required, as well as certification.

Once a roster is submitted to the League Office, the listed players are frozen on that team for the 12 game League Season.  Further, a player may only appear on one League roster.

If a rostered player should decide to leave the team, that he or she was rostered on for the League Season, that player could not place his or her name on the Interested Players List nor could that player join another team. He or she would have to sit out the remainder of the League Season.

However, a player may participate with a different team in our any one or all of our three tournaments, only if said player’s League Team will not be participating in said tournament.  The coach must be notified of this situation, it is the courteous thing to do.

If a rostered player should live outside of the 60-mile radius from Spokane, he or she must play in all but three of their team’s games prior to the playoffs, in order to be eligible to participate in the tournament portion of the league, leading up to the final game on Championship weekend.

Team Rosters Smaller Than 8 Players:

If a submitted Team Roster has less than eight registered players, a Coach may add non-rostered players at any time to have the Roster reflect eight players.  The coach must remit a completed Athlete’s Code of Conduct, a Parent’s Code of Conduct, a Liability Release, a signed parent/athlete Concussion form, and a current AAU Card to the League office for each player added, at least 5 days prior to the first League game played by said player.  A jersey number will be required as well.  The team coach will also be required to provide the office with a written request each time he or she adds a player to the team roster.  The team coach must keep the Consent to Medical Treatment form.  The player being added will not be cleared to play until cleared by the office.

On the second Monday of December of each league season, the team roster will freeze and the coach who has kept his team at less than eight players will not be allowed to add a late player.  He will finish the season with the number rostered at that time.

Player Add Period:

After the Open Registration Period deadline, completed team rosters are frozen until October 22.  From this date through October 26, only non-rostered players may be added to increase roster size up to a maximum of twelve players during the designated 2017-2018 Player Addition Period.  Please remember that all rostered players are committed to that team for the duration of the League season and may not switch teams.  Players may only be rostered on one Spokane Hoops EBL or Tournament team.  Teams are grade-based and players may play a grade up, but are not allowed to play down, no age exceptions

If you require additional player forms, please contact the League Office.  All players added to teams during this period must be accompanied by a written request from the coach. 

The players added during the Add Period will be eligible to participate in all twelve (12) of the scheduled league games as well as the three (3) tournaments.

Switching Teams:

No player will be allowed to switch teams once he or she has been rostered on a team for the current League Season.          


Each team will provide a scorekeeper that will sit at the scorer’s table. The scorekeeper will become a part of the officials’ team and shall not function as a fan.  It is the responsibility of the scorekeeper to fill out the score sheet properly and completely for each game. Please provide the gym name, court number and the time of the game. The scorekeeper for each team will be responsible for obtaining the signatures of both game officials on the score sheet.  It is the responsibility of each team scorekeeper to turn in the score sheet to the score clock operator at the end of each game. 

If a score sheet is not completed properly and accurately, it could result in affecting the standings of that team; said team not being allowed to compete for the Championship in its respective grade level; and/or possible disqualification from the league.

The scoreclock operator will be the official scorekeeper of record.  It is required that the scorekeeper from each team compare their scorebooks at the end of each quarter regarding statistics, including fouls and points, and be in agreement.  If there is a point of contention regarding the score and both teams’ score sheets support the change, the scoreclock will reflect the adjusted score.

Game Rules:

The current High School Federation Rules for boys and girls govern all games, with the following deviations:

1.         Any technical foul, intentional foul or flagrant foul, awards an automatic two points to the opposing team and the ball out-of-bounds.  The person committing a flagrant foul will be ejected from the game.

2.         Any team with a score advantage of 15 points is required to discontinue the use of a full court press.  After one warning from the official, if the press is not discontinued, a technical foul will be called on the offending coach.

3.         Grades 6, 7 & 8:  Girls - 30-second shot clock, and Boys - 35-second clock (when available)

Tied Games:

No game will end in a tie.  Overtime in games is 3 minutes with one (full 60-second) time-out, no carry-overs.  Continue with the 3-minute overtimes until the tie is broken.

Forfeit of Games:

If a team is more than ten minutes late for a scheduled game that game shall result in a forfeit; however the opposing team must be at the facility at the scheduled time.  The final score will be (15 – 0).

If a team forfeits a scheduled league game, that team shall not be eligible for the championship bracket. 

If a team forfeits a scheduled tournament game, and has the same record as another team, the team with the forfeit will be seeded below the team with the same record.  The team forfeiting a game may also be subject to further disciplinary action.

Game Time Switches:

Once schedules are provided to the coaches the league or tournament schedule is set, game time switches will not be allowed.  The schedules are provided to coaches in a timely manner.  It is up to each coach to ensure that the team is informed of the team schedule and that they will field a team for each game that they are scheduled to play.  It is the responsibility of each coach to complete his or her team roster with an adequate number of players in order to avoid the forfeit of a game. 

Tiebreaker Policies for Twelve Game League Season - This policy is implemented when two or more teams will have the same record.  If at any point in this process, the head-to-head record can break the tie, that rule will be immediately implemented:

1.       Best overall record

2.       Best record in head-to-head competition

3.       Best record against common opponents

4.       Best record within your division

5.       The fewest points allowed in games between the teams that are tied (including head-to-head games)

6.       The fewest points allowed in games against common opponents (including head-to-head games)

7.       Point differential in games between the teams that are tied (including head-to-head games).  The point differential counted in any one game will be no higher than 15

8.       Point differential in games against common opponents (including head-to-head games).  The point differential counted in any one game will be no higher than 15

9.       Coin toss

Please note:  If a division has an odd number of teams, a team or teams may receive a single extra scheduled game in the regular season, prior to League Playoffs, due to scheduling needs. In those cases, for seeding purposes, the League Office will not be able to utilize overall winning percentage or records to separate two teams that are one-half game apart in the standings due to those teams having played a different number of games. In those instances, we will eliminate those factors and start with head-to-head competition as the first tiebreaker, moving down the list of tiebreakers from there until the tie is broken. For example, in a division where one team is 9-1 and the other is 8-1 because nine games is the norm for that division prior to playoffs (the one team received an extra game due to scheduling needs in a division with an odd number of teams), we would not use overall record or winning percentage to determine the higher seed in the one-half game separation. If these teams played each other, whoever won would be the higher seed.


Tiebreaker Policies for Tournaments sponsored by Spokane Hoops EBL - This policy is implemented when two or more teams will have the same record.  If at any point in this process, the head-to-head record can break the tie, that rule will be immediately implemented:

1.    Best overall record

2.    Best record in head-to-head competition

3.    Best record against common opponents

4.    Fewest points allowed in games between the teams that are tied (including head-to-head games)

5.    Fewest points allowed in games against common opponents (including head-to-head games)

6.    Point differential in games between teams that are tied (including head-to-head games)  - Point differential counted in any one game will be no higher than 15

7.    Point differential in games against common opponents (including head-to-head games) – Point differential counted in any one game will be no higher than 15

8.    Coin toss

Thank you to the coaches for the time and efforts provided in teaching the great game of basketball to our community’s children.  Working together, we form a great team. 

Remember what Coach K of Duke said:  “Our goal is not to win.  It’s to play together and play hard.  Then, winning takes care of itself.”