What does "AAU" stand for? 

Amateur Athletic Union

What is the Club's Goal and Objective? 

The goal of the Club is to provide amateur athletics for the development of individual member's skills within an environment of good sportsmanship and respect for team members, opponents, coaches and officials. The objective and purpose of the Club is to develop, promote and regulate amateur athletics under the guidelines of the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

What basketball rules does AAU use for League and Tournament Play? 

National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules.

Are there any exceptions to these rules as established by the AAU organization? 

Yes, there are four such rules. One is the technical foul rule: any technical foul awards an automatic two points to the opposing team and possession of the ball out of bounds. The second is the press rule: any team with a score advantage of fifteen (15) points is required to pull off the full court press and not pick up the opponent until the ball has crossed the half court line. After one warning from the officials, if the press is not discontinued, the officials will award a technical foul to the coach's bench. The third rule is that there is one 60-second time-out per overtime period - no carry-overs. The fourth exception is the score of a forfeited game will be 15 - 0.

What are the requirements for uniforms?

Each team is responsible for its own uniforms. Uniform types may be either a reversible jersey or two separate jerseys. Regardless of type, there must be one white and one dark colored jersey for each game. Numbers must be on both the front of the jersey (minimum 4” tall) as well as the back of the jersey (minimum 6” tall), and must be centered vertically as well as horizontally. The numerals 6, 7, 8 and 9 are illegal and cannot be used alone or in any combination. The officials must be able to signal the jersey number with one hand. The following series of numbers can be used: 0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45 and 50-55.

Uniforms must be worn properly - shirttails must be tucked in, unless the jersey is manufactured to be worn outside.

The home team will wear a white colored jersey and the visitor team will wear the darker colored jersey. If the requirements are not met, the team will be subject to disciplinary action including incurring technical fouls and possibly forfeiting the game.

Please refer to the NFHS rules for additional uniform requirements/rules.

How do I know which team is home or visitor?

The home team is always listed second on the schedule.

Is Spokane Hoops EBL a grade-level-based organization? 

Yes, teams will be registered strictly on the basis of the grade in school for that school year, as of September. Any questions regarding grade level will be verified with the school listed by individual players. Any player that is in a lower grade level may play up. However, no grade level player may play lower than his/her academic standing. Spokane Hoops EBL will hold that a player is in the same grade athletically as he or she is academically.

Can a player be rostered on more than one team? 

No, a player may only appear on one League Roster.

Can a player switch teams?

No, players will not be allowed to switch teams once he or she has been rostered on a team for the current League Season.

What if my athlete isn't on a team?

While Spokane Hoops EBL does not form teams, we do try to help connect non-rostered players with teams through the interested players list. The interested players list is available to any coach looking to fill his or her roster and can be received via mail or fax by contacting the office. Please be sure to include the gender and grade level of the list you are asking for (i.e. sixth grade girls).

Parents or guardians who would like to place a child on the interested players list should call the office at (509) 624-2414. If you are adding a player to the list, please have information including player name, birth date, school, grade, height, organized basketball experience, and parent/guardian contact information (address, phone number) available.