Fundamental Basketball League (FBL)

Fundamental Basketball League (FBL)

SYSA and Spokane Hoops Association, home of Spokane Hoopfest, have teamed up to introduce a new youth basketball development program for boys and girls in grades 2 and 3. As an extension of last year’s addition of the Development Program for boys and girls in grades K and 1, this is designed to teach the beginning fundamentals of the game to both new basketball coaches and young basketball players, and offer a fun and engaging environment that will help prepare them for the Spokane Hoops Elite Basketball League (EBL, formerly known as Spokane AAU) which starts in grade 4.

“We must redesign how we introduce the game to our young athletes. It absolutely has to be more than rolling the ball out for 5on5,” explains Matt Santangelo, Executive Director of Spokane Hoopfest Association. “At this age, the emphasis must be on mastery of skills, not solely on competition.”

For more details and information on completing registration based on age groups, please use the links below:

Depending on program numbers, session times may change slightly.

“Our Fundamental Basketball League (FBL) program strives to introduce the game in a fun, dynamic and safe way,” adds Matt. “We are committed to providing the framework to grow in the game of basketball!”